Workers Compensation Attorney: Palm Beach County

Workers Compensation - Common InjuriesWorker’s Compensation Attorneys in Palm Beach County 

Have you been injured in the workplace? Are you suffering from a work-related illness that prevents you from working?

If so…

You’re entitled to worker’s compensation benefits!

If you’re having trouble collecting the compensation you’ve earned and deserve, worker’s compensation attorneys in Florida’s Palm Beach County (Gordon & Doner) want you to know they can help you with your claim.

Anyone is at-risk for on-the-job injuries and illnesses, but some people are particularly vulnerable, namely those who are physically active or operate heavy equipment or machinery on a daily basis, like carpenters, electrical contractors or installers, farmers and ranchers, nursing home caregivers, roofers, steel and iron workers and truck drivers.

There are several ways you can go about finding a worker’s compensation lawyer to work with, including looking for the information that’s available from state and local bar associations, doing an Internet search for articles or blogs written by an attorney practicing in this area, and asking friends, family and co-workers for referrals. Your own lawyer may also be able to assist you in retaining a worker’s compensation attorney.

Do your research and compile a short list and contact two or three firms to schedule a free consultation. All consultations should be free-of-charge, with the counsel being paid only upon a recovery. At Gordon and Doner, Adam Werner specializes in Workers’ Compensation cases and would be happy to provide you with a Free Consultation. Call today at 855-722-2552.