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Workers Compensation Attorney vs Personal Injury

Workers’ Compensation Vs. Personal Injury

Have you been wondering about the difference between worker’s compensation and personal injury cases? Simply put, workers’ compensation is an insurance claim, while personal injury claims are lawsuits. The main difference is liability. What they have in common is their ability to provide individuals who have been injured with compensation.

Worker’s Compensation Benefits

When someone is injured on the job they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation claims are most commonly filed after a work-related injury. Individuals are guaranteed payment if the injury disables you from returning tow work for a period of time in the form of weekly compensation, permanent impairment benefits, payment of medical bills and vocational rehabilitation. The income is non-taxable, and approximately two-thirds the average wage of the injured worker.

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Protection for You

A workers’ compensation benefit protects employers and employees, and eliminates potential litigation. Collecting money on workers’ compensation is a compromise; you give up the right to sue an employer for pain and negligence. Additionally, you cannot be compensated for pain and suffering. A mere two types of employees are exempt from filing workers compensation claims: those who work as a vessel crew member, and interstate railroad workers. For these individuals, there are two respective federal laws: the Jones Act for crew members, and the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), that protects railroad workers of railroads that operate in more than one state.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are based on fault. An individual must prove negligence on the part of a third party, and are eligible for pain and suffering damages, lost earnings capacity, medical bills – current and future – and permanent impairment. Personal injury attorneys may require clients to sign a retainer agreement, outlining exactly what they will be required to pay when the case is finalized. Be prepared to expend time and money on a personal injury case. There is currently no cap on personal injury awards, which will be shared with your attorney.

Work Place Injury

Valuable Information To Know About Workplace Injuries

Work related injuries are common occurrences in the modern world and they can lead to casualties and injuries. With respect to this, any employee who gets injured in the course of employment may be eligible for compensation. In some cases, the claims may be wrongly denied making employees ineligible for compensation. In such cases, an employee can go ahead and file for a personal injury lawsuit. To battle a denied claim, it’s pragmatic to seek the assistance of a professional workplace injury attorney for effective handling of all the legal issues. If the injury claims are valid, then an employee is liable for compensation and that leads us to the next question.

What Compensation Are You Entitled To?

Workplace injury may be a number of things, both physical and psychological. As a result, an individual who suffers from workplace injury is entitled to some form of compensation to aid in the recovery process. The types of compensation fall in two categories; the monetary losses and non-monetary losses.

Monetary Losses Cover

Lost Wages – As a result of workplace injuries, an employee may not be in a position to work any longer. This means that he or she is not in a position to earn income that would have been acquired if not injured. It is for this reason that some compensation must be made.

Medical Expenses – The treatment of personal injuries may come with hefty medical bills due to x-rays, diagnostics, therapies and surgery. In cases where the employee cannot cater for the medical bills, he or she requires compensation to cover any medical expenses that may be incurred after the injury.

Non-Monetary Loses

Workplace injuries not only inflict physical injuries but also emotional and psychological ones. For this reason, none monetary compensation is essential. An individual who has suffered from a workplace injury is likely to suffer from some psychological trauma and emotional stress. As a result, compensation will help the victim overcome some of the emotional stress and duress associated with the injury.

If you are to receive compensation for your injury claims, it is important to look for a competent attorney. Make sure to check their credentials. Some of these credentials means that they are professionally qualified, validly licensed and consistency in track record. These are credentials that can help you settle on the best workplace injury lawyer.

Tips For Staying Safe In The Workplace

Construction Workplace Safety
Unfortunately, countless people are injured at work every day. The worst thing this is, is that many of the incidences could have been prevented. While you may be handsomely rewarded by filing a workers’ compensation claim, it would probably be a good idea to adhere to these tips so you can stop an accident before it happens.

Identify Emergency Exits

One issue that many employees encounter is being injured while trying to escape during a fire. Even if there are countless fire exits in the workplace, this means nothing if people have no idea where they are. When you are initially hired, you should make it a point to locate several fire exits right away. This will help you avoid getting lost in the building if there is ever a fire.

Report All Of Your Injuries

Even if you feel like the problem was very minor, it’s in your best interest to let someone know about it as soon as possible. An injury may seem trivial, but could become a much larger problems later on down the line. Reporting any and all injury will serve as an insurance policy if you have problems with your employer later and you need to take legal action.

Sleep Well Every Night

Sometimes work injuries are due to employees not being well rested before coming in and starting their shift. If the job does not require much physical exertion, it may seem like a small problem, but it can actually be pretty serious. For example, if you are using a ladder to reach a shelf at work, being tired can cause you to lose your balance and become injured.

Request Ergonomically Designed Office Furniture

Believe it or not, there are many people injured at work due to terrible office furniture. If you are required to sit at a desk for long periods, your chair can do a real number on your body. If you notice that you are having problems, speak with the boss and let them know that you would like new equipment. This is a much better idea than ignoring the issue and allowing it to get worse.

As you were told earlier, a large number of workplace incidences are preventable. Following all of the advice that you were given here will decrease the chances of you sustaining any injuries.